Coffee Bean Delivery 

We are doing our part to try and caffeinate our community the safest way we know how. At the moment we are offering coffee bean delivery every two weeks,

We can also grind your coffee if need be! Let us know.

Please submit your order using the the form and include your address


2LB ROMA dark chocolate, woody, slightly smoky - South America & Asia (dark roast) $36

5LB RICCO french roast $65 or 340g $16

5LB COLOMBIAN caramel, nutty, berries (medium roast) $65

5LB OTIMO dark chocolate,nutty, berries - South America (medium roast) $65 

To All Our Wonderful Friends we have TWO locations!!

You have heard it right! The Woodrack's new homes are at: 

10335 83rd Ave, Edmonton


1 Outlet Collection Way at the Premium Outlet Mall at Edmonton International Airport located at

Entrance 1 in the Share Space

We are more than humbled to see our brand have a chance to reach out to more people and share our safe and welcoming space in new communities.

Proudly Serving Caffe Monte Coffee

Caffe Monte is a brand we can stand behind.

They don't only provide the best quality and consistent coffee, together we provide a commodity that brings people closer and keeps you coming back for more great coffee.

With the help of our amazing baristas who can serve up this delicious coffee however you fancy.

It's pretty much the best family tree to be apart of...

Come and check us out at one of our two locations.


For more information about Caffe Monte check them out on their website or instagram

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AURA Inner Beauty creates premium ingestible beauty products with subtle essences of exotic fruits that nourish your beauty from within. 


Here at the Woodrack Cafe we can curate the perfect beverage with either the AURA Radiance Powder or liquid Collagen to tantalize your taste buds. 

The Aura Radiance powder is best served cold where the liquid collagen can be added to any of our beverages. The collagen comes in coconut or wild berry flavors.

For more information on these products please visit Aura Inner Beautys website: 


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10335 83rd Ave 

Edmonton, Alberta

T6E 2C6




Wednesday- Saturday



Call or Text us!

Premium Outlet Mall at the

Edmonton International Airport

Entrance 1 located in the Share Space